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Dynamique products and services help wealth managers make sense of today’s rapidly changing international and domestic financial markets. Technical workshop sessions continue to appeal to wealth management firm stakeholders, regulators, trustees, professional investors, investment banks, global custodian banks, investment consultants, lawyers, and fund managers.

The Dynamique range is constantly reviewed and updated. We check daily for risk events and adjust the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accordingly. Click here for our wholesale investor selection.

Sessions are either closed client centric, held at venue of clients’ choosing or open public where many firms come together to discuss, solve and share industry challenges under Chatham House rules. Content is delivered via interactive workshops, webinars, and discussion groups and on-line via third party e-platforms.

Please see our Contact Us page for your first port of call enquiry to request information on pricing, location, and customisation and delivery options.

Open public workshops are held in international and domestic premier locations and will go ahead depending on number of provisional registrations. Ideal number is around 10 attendees.


Workshop and CPD title
A sample subject from a half-day workshop and CPD programme
Investment dealing/Best execution How to keep trading costs as low as possible

Business performance

Revisit and realign your business practices : keep getting better

Foreign exchange and currency management

From FX basics, to managing currency exposures, hedging, FX as asset class, HFT and market behaviour

Alternative: Hedge funds

Structure, strategies, overlaying traditional asset classes, up-skilling traditional fund management skills

Exchange traded products

ETFs structure, risk, application (core satellite) portfolios, sponsors,replicaton weaknesses, factor smart beta

Non-investment risk

Ring fencing assets, checking liquidity, risk controls and if investment process works as it should

Client relationships

Managing client relationships is harder today than it has ever been. Only a few are really good at it

Client wealth asset management RFA standards

Ensure firms are meeting expected regulatory behaviour standards  to avoid censure