What’s wrong with our business? Like most simple questions it “cuts to the chase” of your business. Hugely important but rarely asked by the executive board until it is too late. You are losing market share, staff feel negative about the enterprise, your investment performance is falling away, a number of your previously rock solid clients are leaving for your competitors. Even the regulator with whom you had previously a healthy relationship is asking more intrusive questions over your investment process and wider business practices. How could it all have gone so wrong? So what to do?

A reflective cup of tea: It’s time to take a deep breath, gather round your executive team and revisit your core values. Why did we enter this business in the first place and do we still provide “client first” top-notch products and services? If we do then why is our business model faltering? Basically the firm moved away from its core business model of being creative, incisive, and well-informed, open to challenge and prepared to make difficult choices on behalf of clients to deliver exceptional products. The firm has become, tired, passive, reactive rather than proactive and exhausted by the never ending “client de-risking” compliance. You stopped investing in your most valuable asset – your people. Who do we approach?

Why much contemporary CPD fails to deliver a good outcome. It’s too academic, boring, and lacks real business application, distant and remote from contemporary markets. It was okay before the GFC but hasn’t changed since then. The mistakes of the past are repeated in course content. It does not reflect the huge structural change in global wealth allocation and how Millennial and Decumulation assets should be managed. The era of RoboAdvice provides algorithm para-planning taking vast numbers of smaller savers into commodity type products and services lead to a denial in professional advice. Knowledge is power. It gives the high ground to generals, entrepreneurs and private equity players. If you know more than your counterpart the chances are you will end up with the better outcome. This applies as much to professional market players as it does to Entry Level Investors (ELI) – those keen and eager to learn ELIs.

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